"I would If I knew how to Animate..." -Aquamarine from Using Your Voice

Aquamarine is a Gem from Steven Universe that has watery wings and has a gem in the shape of a Aquamarine (Obviously) near her eye representing tears.

She first appeared in "Using Your Voice" where she says her famous quotes from the actual Steven Universe show. Zion then comments that this needs to be an animation and she replies "I would if I knew how to Animate".

She then appeared in "Undertale Dream Adventures" where she is the owner of a Jewelry Shop and greets Papyrus, Chara and Sans. She has a collection of Gems that she's selling causing this to be a horrifying sight to other Gems. Papyrus, Sans and Chara all save the Gems who are in her shop.


  • Has a ship that she controls
  • Has her henchman Topaz and Topaz which create Topaz (a bigger Topaz).


  • Has a Wand that can freeze and bring or throw her enemies to her or away.
  • Has watery wings similar to Lapis Lazuli.


  1. Using Your Voice
  2. Undertale Dream Adventures