"Now... let's see what these crystals... can do?"

- Crystal Sans from "Blooming Crystals"

When Sans had crushed and absorbed a Crystal, He became Stronger in the form of Crystal Sans. A Stronger Version of Sans with Crystals spiking out of the right side of his skull. His Left Eye's black pupil is also in the shape of a Rhombus representing The Crystal Essence and Power he's gained. Crystal Sans then Fought Crystalia and Crystal Queen on the Crystal Rose. He managed to stand his ground in the fight and then later returned to fight Crystalia and The Crystal Queen on The Crystal World. Sans was in a deep depression and anger after he fought The Crystal Queen and Crystalia. Pulling out crystals from his skull slowly and painfully. The effects of The Crystals were then Reversed thanks to Dr. Alphys reverting him back to Himself Normally.


  • Intense Cracks on the top of his skull
  • Crystals spiking out of the Right Side of his Skull
  • Stronger than Normal Sans
  • Small Crystal Bits on his hands
  • Sweats from Tremendous Power Gain

Appearances (From First to Latest):

  1. Blooming Crystals
  2. To The Land of The Crystals