Ennard is an animatronic created from scrap parts from The Scooper which consists of a few animatronics. Baby, Funtime Freddy, Ballora and Funtime Foxy. He is seen in FNAF: SL Location's Secret Office and later is seen in FNAF: Ultimate Custom Night. He uses Baby's Voice to trick or mess with others. He has a Yellow Party Hat on top of head Head with Green Stripes. He also has a very squeaky nose and only has one eye on his right side. His entire body (Excluding his Face) is made out of Wires of different Animatronics.

He First Appeared in The Comic "FNAF: The Sister Location" where he tries to kill Jack in the Scooper Room and then chases him but fails and the elevator door is shut on him.

He then appeared in The Comic "Mario's NIGHTMARE Spaghetteria" where SMG4's Mario sees a Hallucination of Ennard down the right hallway crawling towards him. He sets Ennard on Fire with A Flamethrower and shuts the door on him making the hallucination of him go away.

He then appears again in The Comic "The Infinity War" Where he is brought from the Sister Location and into the battle of Wakanda and Uganda. Ennard is then later crushed and killed into small bits by Thanos.


  • Able to Move Quickly while being viewed on Security Cameras
  • Able to Springlock and Easily Kill Victims that are vulnerable to him.
  • To Trick and Lure others with Voices of the Funtime Animatronics (Mostly Baby's)

Appearances (From First to Latest):

  1. FNAF: The Sister Location
  2. Mario's NIGHTMARE Spaghetteria
  3. The Infinity War