The Epic Leafel is an Epic of The Leafel Creature seen in "Spore: Creature Life" Comic and later seen reappearing in "The Infinity War" Comic. It's Roar is quite threatening and it kills anything it sees that is not part of it's Species.

It's first Appearance was in The Comic "Spore: Creature Life" where Sam and Zion (as creatures) get chased and killed by an Epic Leafel after killing off a Leafel Creature.

It then Appeared in The Comic "The Infinity War" where it was on neither side of the Good Guys or The Enemies. It fought and killed a few of the Outriders in the Battle of Wakanda and Uganda. It was then killed by too many Outriders damaging it.


  • A Bigger Version of The Leafel Creature
  • More Threatening than It's Normal Creature counterpart


  • Can Pick up, Eat and/or Throw Things that it can pick up and are small to it.
  • Blasts A Fire Blast from it's mouth.
  • Stomps on it's enemies if they're smaller than it.

Appearances (From First to Latest):

  • Spore: Creature Life
  • The Infinity War