War Machine is a Grey / Silver looking Iron Man that is from the Marvel Series. He uses a ton of Artillery that is attached to his suit. Mainly consisting of Guns, Bombs and other Firepower. He used to be enemies with Iron Man (Tony Stark) but then eventually redeemed himself and is now friends with Tony Stark. He first appeared in "The Infinity War" where War Machine helps Iron Man and others ambush Thanos in Bill Cipher's Keep. He drops a ton of bombs and fires multiple shots at Thanos but then Thanos eventually knocks him down weakening him.


  • Grey / Black / Sliver Iron Man Suit
  • Friends with Iron Man and is part of The Avengers
  • Originally from The Marvel Series


  • Has a ton of firepower up his sleeve
  • Can Fly high up into the air
  • Can fire a proton blast from his hand like Iron Man's hands

Appearances (First to Latest):

  1. The Infinity War