Zilla is the 1998 American Godzilla who attacked New York City. Unlike Godzilla (which was named Godzilla from TriStar but then Toho put the rights to it by naming it Zilla), it is smaller and has a much skinnier and slender body. Making it more quick and able to do some other things that Godzilla can't do. Though it can't create atomic breath, it's offspring had evolved into having a signature green atomic breath. It was then killed on the Brooklyn Bridge from a few missile blasts from the military but it's offspring is what brought it back to life. Zilla is very Vulnerable to Military attacks such as guns and missiles. Zilla was then seen in Toho's film Godzilla: Final Wars where Zilla fights Godzilla and instantly loses to him. Zilla was first seen in "The Three Godzillas" where Zilla lunged on top of Old Godzilla but Old Godzilla quickly threw Zilla off of him and blasted him to smithereens with his atomic breath. Zilla was then seen in Godzilla: The All-Out Battle where he bashes into Godzilla when he was caught off guard and then proceeds to bite down on Godzilla's leg but then Angurius rammed into Zilla and then crushed him by turning into a spikey ball killing him. In the comic that was all about him and his son Zilla Jr. called "Zilla" where Zilla was attacking New York City again in order to try to find his lost son. Zilla then meets up with his son Zilla Jr. a long with Young Zilla Offspring that are at their teen age. Zilla then fought the Military with his son. Sadly, only the two survived while the other offspring of them were killed from the Military's attacks making Zilla have a bigger grudge on Humanity.

Zilla then left into the ocean but then returned to help aid Zilla Jr. when he was being attacked by Draksodon. Zilla then kills Draksodon by biting deeply into it's neck killing it. Zilla then escapes with Zilla Jr. back into the ocean. Yet to be seen again.


  • Has a long slender skinny body
  • Has purple spikes on his back
  • Is Vulnerable to Military Weapons


  • Can't do Atomic Breath but can create a flammable power breath.
  • Is still quite tall and big in size making it easy for him to crush things
  • Has a lot more Agility than Godzilla making Zilla able to Run at high speeds, jump up high, and even climb buildings!

Appearances (First to Latest):

  1. The Three Godzillas
  2. Godzilla: The All-Out Battle